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Nathan's son Harry was born 16 weeks premature, and spent the first 103 days of his life in intensive care.

He was referred to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance for early intervention through the Babies At Risk program.

When Harmony was born, her parents were told she would have no quality of life.

But Harmony has defied the odds. She lives with spastic triplegic cerebral palsy, and she loves swimming, dancing, playing with her friends and being outdoors.

Joe's daughter Eve had the most extraordinary start to life. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was just weeks old

But thanks to support from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Eve is now a outgoing and social seven-year-old who lives for sport.

Kai and his twin brother Cooper were born at 28 weeks. Both suffered Strep B infection when they were five months old. As a result, Kai now lives with dystonic cerebral palsy. 

Kai loves challenging himself, and playing soccer and cricket with his brothers.